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"It's Better than GCC Plotter!" ?!

" It’s Better than GCC Plotter ! "

When we asked MR YU for the first time using the model MM-VAD48 Vinyl Cutter experience, we did not expect to receive such a high evaluation!
MR YU is a Malaysian company that specializes in the distribution of advertising equipment. MR YU has 20 years experience in this industry. He is very familiar with the cutting plotter office equipment. MR YU has been trying to buy MOMO MM-VAD48 Dual heads Vinyl Cutter. MOMO's sales staff have been actively communicating with MR YU. After the product has been used for a period of time, MOMO sales learned about from Mr YU use of the product through wechat, MR YU says: “Better than GCC Plotter”.
(The following is a screenshot of the dialogue with the MR YU, share screenshots have been obtained MR YU permission)

This evaluation of MR YU is undoubtedly a surefire affirmation for MOMO that the GCC cutting plotter enjoys a worldwide reputation for its consistent quality and MOMO's reputation as a rising star in the cutting plotter industry is echoed by the industry's customers, Our work has become more motivated!

Below video is Mr YU use MM-VAD48 vinyl cutter to sticker cut tested.
MM-VD48 stable operation, especially the working noise is small, which is make Mr YU satisfied.